Dusaw Weatherproof Dead Bolt Door Lock

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Weather:: All weather-resistant system, ideal for beach hotels,
motels, and resorts which rooms face outdoor and sunlight.
Contains a processor from Texas instruments that assures the lock intelligence, reliability and security

Power: 4 double A batteries.
Working temperature: -40oC ~+85oC
Working humidity: 0~100%
Audit opening records: 254
Status power consumption: 4 x AA batteries above 3 years
Packing: 6pcs in on carton
Lock management software: English version for WIN98,WIN2000,XP,WIN7
Door thickness : 38 to 55mm
though the deadbolt works.
Doorpost distance: more than 112mm
Weight: 3.0Kg (approx.)
Material: Stainless Steel



All locks are custom made to order and are non refundable.

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