Dusaw Dead Bolt Lock

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Model 131A

Applicable card: TEMIC contactless RF card or MlFARE ONE contactless RF card.

Power supply: 4pcs standard AA alkaline batteries.
Battery life: About 10 months in normal state, depending on usage and climatic conditions. Low voltage warning: When power's voltage is less 4.SV, there will be warning when unlock. The lock still can be unlocked about 100 times before the batteries are replaced. Static consumption: 12uA
Dynamic consumption: 200mA
Open time: The lock will be locked again automatically 7 seconds after unlocking. Reliability of card operation: No accident for 1000 times of continuous card operation. Emergency unlocking: The door can be unlocked by Master Card or Mechanical key even though the deadbolt works.
Panel size: 243.2mm (Height) x78mm (Width) x16mm (Thickness)
Mortise size: ANSI mortise 204mm (Height) x106mm (Width)x23mm (Thickness)
Euro mortise 230mm (Height) xS0mm (Width)x16mm (Thickness)
Weight: 3.0Kg

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Handle orientation: left hand push to open, right hand push to open; left hand pull to open, right hand pull to open.

All locks are custom made to order and are non refundable.

Comes with 5 Year Warranty!

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